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Why live in a Condo?
The Condo lifestyle
Is Condo living for you?
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Is Condo Living For You

The Condo lifestyle

The lifestyle enjoyed by condominium owners is a refreshing change from that of a traditional detached home. Condominiums equate to freedom…live and play, one condo fee takes care of the rest.

The Condo Lifestyle

Most homeowners spend their evenings and weekends maintaining their properties. Mowing the lawn, trimming the gardens and maintaining the exterior of the house are just normal activities. For some this is enjoyable, for many of us this is a barrier to the things we would rather do.

No one can deny that having a yard is a great feeling. Having your own little oasis can be very fulfilling. Now discover The Edinburgh Club. Situated in the middle of parklands, beaches and trails you get the best of both worlds. Most importantly you get the time to actually enjoy these amenities  without the responsibility of maintaining them.

Golf in Port Elgin

If you enjoy taking walks on the beach, playing golf, or reading a book in your own quiet spot instead of day to day labours - the Condo lifestyle is custom made for you.
Book you tour today of The Edinburgh Club. Come and explore your new lifestyle.